When we talk about ‘House’, we would think of an emotionless concrete living space,
but when we talk about a ‘Little House’, definitely, we would think of a little cosy home that filled with joy and happiness.
It’s inviting us to walk in and explore what they have inside.

It is the same feelings that we want people to get when they picture of our ‘Little House Production’ 🙂

We are a cute warm-hearted production house that loves working with lovely people.
We provide digital media production services to create video contents and still shoots.
We are open to any fresh ideas, just feel free to come and talk to us!

We open the door for everyone to our little house.
Let’s take off the shoes, come inside to drink some tea, and have some desserts while getting to know each other.

Learn more about our Little House Production at https://littlehouseproduction.co/

Call (+66) 63-642-5146 or drop an email to contact@littlehouseproduction.co

We look forward to welcoming you to our Little House!

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