Loukgolf’s Netflix English Room


Client: Netflix Thailand
Agency & Production House: Plankton Lab
Post Production: Little House Production
Title: Loukgolf’s Netflix English Room
Show Director: Pilanda R.
EP.1 Know Your Enemies
EP.2 Listening
EP.3 Sound Linking
EP.4 Accents
EP.5 Speaking
EP.6 Conversation Starters
EP.7 Vocabulary
EP.8 Pronunciation
EP.9 Phrasal Verbs
EP.10 Situations
EP.11 Slang
EP.12 Profanity
EP.13 Parts of Speech
EP.14 Tenses
EP.15 Translation
EP.16 Self-Introduction
EP.17 Alternative ways to say ‘I love you.’
EP.18 English for tourists
EP.19 Context
EP.20 Q&A

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